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We understand that an office is not just a place for people to come and work but an environment that provides stimulation and enjoyment that helps a company to thrive.

At Rayner Rowen, we have the vital experience of handling large and complex office projects for our clients. From our proven track record and innovative approaches, we are able to understand each client’s unique environment and provide them with a building which engages with its employees and visitors and provides them with a work place to meet their every need.

The range of buildings delivered by Rayner Rowen for the commercial sector demonstrates our ability to adapt to the demands and requirements of all our clients. We have found that some schemes require working in limited spaces and maintaining access or operation to neighbouring sites, while others represent today’s expectation that sustainability is a key part of the construction process, reflected in higher BREEAM ratings. Through our expertise we are able to incorporate these requirements into our processes and deliver an overall solution which exceeds our clients expectations.

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As a company, we recognise that the Construction industry is constantly changing and we meet this challenge through our innovation, sustainable solutions and industry leading processes.

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